TO ALL YOU BUYERS OUT THERE THAT DON'T USE AN AGENT, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.  EVERY NOW AND THEN I GET A LEAD REGARDING A LISTING I HAVE AND IT IS A POTENTIAL BUYER WANTING INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROPERTY OR WOULD LIKE TO SET UP A SHOWING AND COME SEE.  WHEN I ASK THE MOST FAMOUS QUESTION, "ARE YOU WORKING WITH AN AGENT?" THERE IS ALWAYS A SLIGHT PAUSE AND "NO" COMES OUT VERY QUICKLY AFTER THE PAUSE.  THEN THEY SAY "I DON'T WANT TO WORK WIH AN AGENT, I WANT TO GET A BETTER DEAL." FAMOUS LAST WORDS THAT GET BUYERS IN TROUBLE. Reasons to consider using an agent: 1.   When you use me as an agent, it doesn't cost you anything but time, and less of it than going at it alone.  I don't charge the admin fee or transaction fee or any kind of fee to the buyer.  My service to the buyer is free, which means you as the buyer are getting so much experience and knowledge for free, and who doesn't want something for free. 2.  You get protection.  You have someone working with you side by side protecting you from all the obstacles that could come with purchasing a home such as home inspection issues, appraisal issues, financing issues, mold issues, etc.  An agent is your watch dog and watches over everything from beginning to end.  Most transactions go smooth, but there are a few that are nailbiting to the end. 3.  You get to pay the right price for the home.  Agents are negotiating machines.  We can get the best price for the home than you going at it alone with the seller or seller agent.  You need someone to negotiate for you.  Remember, agents are experienced and have the tools and knowledge to know what the home is worth in the current market and can suggest an asking price and explain why they came up with the price because. . . .  the price the agent comes up with is based on all that knowledge and experience that you are getting for free. We save you money, and sometimes lots of it.                                                                          4.  9 out of 10 times you get closing assistance if you need it.  Agents are great at getting closing assistance so that it frees up some money for some fun stuff, like the few repairs you notice the house needs that you may not have immediate funds for or simply a little more money for a down payment to make it all work out.    Whatever the reason, an agent will work hard to make that happen for you. SO THE NEXT TIME YOU ARE CONSIDERING GOING AT IT ALONE, THINK ABOUT THESE FEW POINTS I BROUGHT UP.  REMEMBER, THIS IS ONLY A FEW REASONS. THERE ARE MANY MORE AND YOU WILL FIND OUT THE REST WHILE YOU ARE WORKING WIH YOUR NEW AGENT.  DON'T YOU THINK YOU DESERVE THE BEST REPRESENTATION ON ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PURCHASES OF YOUR LIFE.FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS STELLA BARBOUR NoVa Brokers LLC 1483 Chain Bridge Road Suite 103 McLean, Virginia 22101 571-814-3002 OFFICE 703-999-6104 CELL 571-281-2866 FAX Licensed in Virginia & Maryland

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