Lead Inefficiency to Lead Efficiency in My Book

In the morning when I go through my Leads in my email, I would print them out and put them in my lead folder and on the the back of each sheet, make my notes as I follow up and then carry my folder around in my briefcase in case someone from the list would call.
It is hard to remember who everyone is and when answering the phone after they announce themselves, I would have to find my folder, pull it out, go through 50-100 pages looking for the lead sheet to see who they are and what they are looking for and their reason for contacting me.
Well, this was not working for me and when someone from the sheet would call, I want to them to know I already know what they are looking for from their previous email.
So I had to get smarter about this and more efficient.  So I came up with a spreadsheet on excel that included their name, phone number, email, what their reason for contacting me, and the status.  I update the sheet every time their is a change and print out a new sheet and carry in my purse with me.  When someone from the list contacts me then I can easily pull out the sheet and answer, "Yes, Mr. Jones, I will be sending you properties with 3 bedrooms in your area today, all I need is an email address as previously stated in my message to you yesterday around 4:00 pm, right after I received an email from you requesting homes with 3 bedrooms in your area."  They are usually surprised you remember small details about their contact to you and you have a better chance in changing them from a lead to a buyer.  Then it goes to a different sheet . . .
Off the lead sheet and straight into the client sheet . . . Result, New Buyer.
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