Short Sale from Listed to Close in less than 60 Days with Seterus

I am very impressed with Seterus, Inc.  it seems like things are getting better with short sales.  I just completed one of the easiest short sales ever with Seterus. They were wonderful to work with.  Usually I am so negative with the banks and their snail movements on short sales but not anymore.  Seterus is on the top of my list as one of the banks to work with.  It takes knowledge and patience to complete a short sale from the agents, negotiators, buyers, and sellers to make it work and for a smooth transaction and with this one I got all of that and much more. Home listed on December 17, 2012. Contract on December 21, 2012. Seterus approved on Jauary 20, 2013. Closed on February 5, 2013. FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS STELLA BARBOUR NoVa Brokers LLC 1483 Chain Bridge Road Suite 103 McLean, Virginia 22101 571-814-3002 OFFICE 703-999-6104 CELL 571-281-2866 FAX Licensed in Virginia & Maryland

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