Short Sales Would Be Easier If All Were On Board with DocuSign

DocuSign was definitely a sign of change and technical growth for me.  I was really happy and excited when I first learned and started using DocuSign.  I could not believe that I did not have to run to someone’s house for a signature, another initial, a missed addendum signature or another noticed missed initial.  This was great news for me.  The real estate industry was on the same page as me.  Get stuff done without leaving your computer was exactly what I was hoping for.  This is a great concept until I decided to submit a short sale package and after waiting and waiting days, weeks for an approval, I get an answer, “You must re-submit your contract with hand signatures, we don’t accept electronic signatures”.  I was shocked, especially when our contract even has a box to initial and check off for electronic signatures.  What is wrong with these banks.  When we think things are getting better and easier, the banks find a way to knock us back down and give us more work to do so they can hold on to the file a little longer.   Some of the banks that were accepting the electronic signatures decided not to accept them any longer.
It would be much easier for everyone involved, including short sale third party banks, if they were on board with the DocuSign, so that I can continue to do this from my computer and not waste money on overnight mail, printer ink, gas, and of course paper.
Some of the smaller short sale banks/servicers will accept DocuSign but not enough of them.  We need a change in this to make this efficient for all.  It is hard enough to get these accomplished, the least they can do is make it easier to submit all of the paperwork.
Most things in our lives are getting easier with such things as DocuSign being available to us, and that is great in itself.
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